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About the 40:40:20 Company

how you benefit

Benefit from our experience in successfully treating thousands of people. Our scientific and clinically proven approach can help you manage:



Fat loss, satiety and appetite regulation, sparing of lean body mass


Lifestyle Disease

Improve insulin sensitivity

Coronary Vascular Risk

Coronary Vascular Risk

Help improve cholesterol levels

How you benefit



Creates a slow and even release of fuel (glucose) by provoking a slow and even insulin response

Keeps you full for longer

Keeps your blood glucose levels steady
(less likely to binge on carbohydrate)

Reduces levels of carbohydrate that is stored as fat

Reduces extra midriff weight which is near impossible to burn off!

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Our Story


The 40:40:20 Company is passionate about creating scientific dietary solutions that help people fight their metabolic disorders, achieve their weight loss goals and increase their health and vitality.

Our team is dedicated to delivering superior nutritional products based on our 40:40:20 scientific breakthrough approach, which provides 40% lean protein, 40% low-GI carbohydrate and 20% good fats with every meal.

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Integrity Excellence Innovation
Leading Insights from an Accredited Practicing Dietician

Our program has helped thousands of people achieve long lasting healthy weight goals and improved management of lifestyle diseases.

Geraldine Georgeou – Geraldine is one of Australia's leading Accredited Practising Dietitians. She has over 20 years experience in helping thousands of people successfully achieve a healthy weight through the 40:40:20 program. Geraldine is passionate about providing a scientifically based program that is designed around whole foods and is proven to provide long-term health and wellness.

If you require an appointment with Geraldine please visit www.diabetesclinics.com.au

This is what Geraldine has to say...

“My goal is to help people learn the balanced approach to eating. Understanding the balance of protein, how to choose low-GI carbohydrates and include the right amount of healthy fats can be quite simple and easy to do if you know how. For the past 20 years, I have helped thousands of my clients by following the 40:40:20 scientific formula to meet a meal requirement. Starting off the day with a breakfast meal that has the right balance of carbohydrate, protein and fat will help to improve glycemic control and improve health outcomes.”
Geraldine Georgeou

Our Team

The team at 40:40:20 Company have spent countless hours developing this diet to ensure you reach your weight loss, blood sugar control and wellness goals. We know this meal plan works because it has helped thousands of patients to regain their health.

The direct benefits that come from the 40:40:20 approach include control blood sugar levels (BSLs), manage insulin resistance, manage polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOs), improve cholesterol, control blood pressure (BP) and achieve long lasting weight loss goals and avoid exacerbation of disease.

Our team
  • Geraldine Georgeou

    B.Sc. Nutr. M.Sc. Nutr. & Diet. Accredited Practising Dietitian | 40:40:20 Director

    With a Masters of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, Geraldine is a highly qualified Accredited Practising Dietitian with over 20 years experience. She has helped thousands of people manage their insulin resistance, achieve a healthy weight and reduce risk factors for lifestyle diseases such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. 

  • Jon Hemming

    MBA (Technology) AGSM Business Development | 40:40:20 Director

    Jon is a co-founder and a key contributor in the development of the 40:40:20 Company. With over a decade of business innovation experience, Jon has created the 40:40:20 brand and compelling online "customer experience". 

  • Geoffrey W. Smithers

    BAppSc (Hons), PhD, FAIFST, CFS Food Product Development

    Dr Geoffrey Smithers has a background in research & development in the areas of agri-food processing and ingredient functionality. With a career history spanning over 30 years, Geoffrey has worked at CSIRO and Food Science Australia and has become a well-known expert in food processing and ingredient science and technology.

Products (coming soon)

40:40:20 products

40:40:20 products are designed to provide the perfect balance of macronutrients with 40% lean protein, 40% low-GI carbohydrates and 20% healthy fats to meet a meal requirement. These foods are made from whole foods and are a convenient solution to help achieve long-term health and to meet a meal requirement. The 404020 products provide assurance to consumers that they are eating the right balance of macronutrients at every meal.

The 40:40:20 company has created a scientifically balanced approach to whole foods where consumers can simply look at one symbol that encompasses low GI, adequate protein and controlled fat. That's the 40:40:20 way.

The 404020 food range is:

  • Low GI
  • Low sugar
  • High fibre
  • Lower salt
  • Good source of protein
  • Contains calcium
  • Contains healthy fats and pending NHF approval
  • A perfect balance

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get started today

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